What we do

Solar energy system design and optimisation

Designing and optimising solar energy systems is complex. The solar resource and demand are variable and often require a statistical approach. Designs are often constrained by managing multiple physical phenomena interacting with complex three dimensional shapes. The optimisation problem is necessarily multidisciplinary including meteorological statistics, solar optics, mechanical design, heat transfer and high performance computing.

We work with high performance computers and advanced simulation software to develop designs with the highest annual energy yield for the lowest cost


Solar energy control systems

Solar energy systems need to be able to run safely, efficiently, and mostly unattended for decades. Their control systems often involve complex mathematics beyond the capabilities of PLCs and may consist of thousands of individual control systems working together.


Testing and assessment of optical components

In concentrating systems the slope error of optical surfaces is a key figure of merit. This figure is a function of many properties of components and manufacturing tolerences.